These scholarships are open to any student (undergraduate or graduate) who wants to present at the meeting.  They will cover the full registration cost (includes room and board) and be awarded based on Initiative, Merit, and Need. 

     In order to apply, students must submit an abstract of their presentation (poster or talk) and a short letter of recommendation from their advisor outlining their lab experience and financial need.  Applications should be emailed directly to me at and are due by May 15th.

Edward Leadbetter Memorial Scholarship

Ed Leadbetter     The Edward Leadbetter Memorial Scholarship is offered each year in memory of one of the founding members and a longtime organizer of NEMPET. More than anyone else, Ed exemplified the spirit of collegiality and mentorship that NEMPET strives to continue. He was involved in NEMPET from the very beginning in 1983 right up until his passing in 2015.

     Ed was responsible for setting up the program and used his connections at Woods Hole to bring in well known and international speakers but it was his curiosity and passion for the science that had the biggest impact on students (and faculty) attending the meetings. It seemed that he would have a relevant question or insightful comment for every single presenter. This scholarship honors his commitment to supporting and encouraging students in the sciences.


Robert Mortlock Memorial Scholarship

Bob Mortlock     Bob Mortlock was one of the founding members of NEMPET and served along with Ed Leadbetter as the co-organizer for its first 20 years. Those who had the opportunity to be involved during those years remember him as a true moving force behind the meeting. He quietly managed the money and made the arrangements that kept the meeting running smoothly so that the rest of us could enjoy the pleasure of getting together and talking science. To top it all off, he would end his yearly financial report with a “slightly dirty” joke to send us away laughing.

     Bob "retired" from the meeting in 2003 but his hard work and generous spirit helped to build an organization (and community) that continues to foster meaningful communication and collaboration within the field of microbiology.


Founders' Scholarship

     The Founders' Scholarship honors the contributions of those people who were involved in the early years of NEMPET and made major contributions to its continued success.


These scholarships are funded thanks to generous contributions from NEMPET members. 

If you are interested in making a tax-deductible contribution for future scholarships, contact me at


Kelsey O'Brien 2016 Edward Leadbetter Memorial Scholarship recipient Kelsey O'Brien (Bard College)

2017 Leadbetter Award 2017 Edward Leadbetter Memorial Scholarship recipient Andrew Sommer (SUNY Oswego)

2017 Mortlock Award 2017 Robert Mortlock Memorial Scholarship recipient Kristen Kircher (SUNY Cortland)

2017 Founders Award 2017 Founders' Scholarship recipient Nathalia Benavides (St. Joseph's University)

(NOT PICTURED) 2018 Edward Leadbetter Memorial Scholarship recipient Caroline Geary (Vassar)

2018 Robert Mortlock Memorial Scholarship recipient Rene Hoover (Niagara University)

2018 Dartmouth M2P2 Scholarship recipient Brian Critelli (St. Joseph's University)

2018 Founders' Scholarship recipient Jennifer Sarcone (SUNY Plattsburgh)

2018 Founders' Scholarship recipient Vinay Patel (St. Joseph's University)

2018 Founders' Scholarship recipient Yuwei Wang (Rutgers University)

2019 Edward Leadbetter Memorial Scholarship recipient Samara Muth (Husson University)

2019 Robert Mortlock Memorial Scholarship recipient Gabriella Oliva (Le Moyne College)

2019 Dartmouth M2P2 Scholarship recipient Jacquelyn La Reau (Quinnipiac University)

2019 Founders Scholarship recipient Melissa Caruana (SUNY Cortland)