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The NEMPET Lectures

      "Protist Denizens of Marine Oxyclines and their Prokaryotic Associates: Big Diners at Submerged Smorgasbords" - Virginia Edgcomb (WHOI)

      "Lichens: From Basic Biology to Cultural Touchstones for Earth's "Cryptic" Biodiversity" - James Lendemer (NY Botanical Garden)

Other Lectures:

      "Get me out of here!  Protein trafficking in diderm bacteria" - Nathan W. Rigel (Hofstra)

      "On a Light Diet: Diversity of Photosynthetic Microbial Communities Enriched by Light Wavelength Selection using LEDs" - Jean Huang (Olin)

      "Service, Learning, and a Teaching Trip to Haiti:  Prevalence of Potentially Pathogenic Bacteria, Protozoans, and Helminthes in Drinking Water from Sources Located in Jacsonville and Throughout the Matabonite Region of Central Haiti" - Susan Barbaro (Rivier)

      "CRISPR Induced Biofilm Inhibition in Pseudomonas aeruginosa" - Gary Heussler (Dartmouth)

      "A Tripartate Mutualism in the Rhizosphere of F. arundinaceae" - Aileen Ferarro (SCSU)


      "The Regulator Anr Responds to Oxygen to Control Pathogenic Processes in Pseudomonas aeruginosa Biofilms and Infections" - John Hammond (Dartmouth)


      "(Purple) Microbial Protectors: Investigation of the Violacein-Producing Strains' Genetic Pathways Native to the Hudson Valley" - Brooke Jude (Bard College)


     A Survey of the Lichens of New Haven County - Daniel Candelaria (SCSU)
    Gassy Trees: Investigating Fermenting and Methanogenic Communities Inside of Living Trees - Dan Yip (UMass Amherst)
    Interactions of inorganic mercury with microbial mats formed in an acidic geothermal hot spring - Tamar Barkay (Rutgers University)
    Elucidating the mer operon in Thermus themophilus HB27, role in the biosynthesis of thiolated metabolites - Javiera Norambuena (Rutgers University)
    Does exposure to mercury increase antibiotic resistance in the fish gut microbiome? - Nicole Lloyd (Rutgers University)
    Tetracycline Resistant Bacteria from Agricultural Soils: Diversity and Resistance Mechanisms - Abby Korn (St. Lawrence University)
    Ammonia Oxidizing Prokaryotes in Recirculating Aquaculture Systems - Michael Brewer (St. Lawrence University)
    Investigation of Twin Arginine Translocase (Tat) substrates in Acinetobacter baylyi - Allyson T. Loy (Hofstra)
    TatC2 is important for normal cell growth of Acinetobacter baylyi - Danielle Velez (Hofstra)

     Effect of bacterial pigmentation on survival to ozone exposure - José de Ondarza (SUNY Plattsburgh)

    Collective Motion in Diverse Bacterial Systems - Michael Sheets (Olin)

     Factors that Influence Composition of Photosynthetic Communities Cultured by Wavelength Selection using LEDs - H. David Zhu (Olin)

     Characterization of Photosynthetic Microbial Communities that Accomplish Cellulose Degradation and Nitrogen Fixation - Anna Knapp and Radmer van der Heyde (Olin)

     A Microbial Study in Pink: Cultivation of Streptomyces sp. - Colby Sato (Olin)

     Evaluating the Potential for Triclosan to Induce Antibiotic Resistance in Oral Streptococcal species - Alexandra Guidi (Rivier University)
    Efficacy of Over the Counter Antimicrobial Medications for the Treatment of Hoof Thrush in Horses - Cheyenne Murray (Rivier University)
    Chromosome Organization in the Extremely Polyploid Bacterium Epulopiscium spp. - Elizabeth Hutchison and Esther Angert (SUNY Geneseo and Cornell)
    Using Sequencing and LC-MS/MS Proteomics to Mine for Reverse Beta Oxidation Functional Diversity in a Bioreactor Producing Hexanoic Acid - Katherine Woodward and Dylan Kahlstorf (SUNY Cortland)
    Dynamics of Benthic Microbial Community Recovery Following a Transient Microbiocide Disturbance - Jeffrey Werner (SUNY Cortland)
    Powerful Soil: Microbial Fuel Cell Construction for Teaching 8th Graders through Undergraduates - Brooke Jude (Bard College)

     Isolation of Staphylococci from Maine Turkeys - Jillian King (UMaine-Augusta)

     Methods for Rapid Detection of Legionella pneumophila biofilms - Christa Chatfield (SUNY Cortland)

     Insertion sequences mediate adaptive mutations in experimental E. coli Populations - Hira Bakshi, Daniel Costas and Gordon Plague (SUNY Potsdam)

     Microbial Anaerobic Degradation of Polycyclic Aromatic Hydrocarbons - Julia Campbell (Rutgers)

     Construction of Genetic Knockouts in Violacein Producing Microbes - Georgia Doing (Bard)

     Isolation of Endospore-Forming Bacteria from an Extreme Habitat, and Study of Their Traits - Alec Coban (WHOI)

     Biotransformation of Brominated Flame Retardants - Alyssa DeVincentis (Rutgers)

     Analysis of Violacein Production in Response to Environmentally Mimicked Conditions - Yangtsho Gyaltshen (Bard)

     Bacterial Community of the NJ Pinelands Forest Soils - Robert Kruk (Rutgers)

     Genes Encoding for the Enzyme Mercuric Reductase in Microbial Mats from an Acidic Hot Spring in Yellowstone National Park - Matt Rudnick (Rutgers)

2013 Group Photo

Check out the program and photos from last year's meeting:

2013 Program and Photos

The NEMPET Meeting

     NEMPET hosts a three-day meeting during the second half of June each year.  This meeting is held at the Minnowbrook Conference Center in Blue Mountain Lake NY.  The conference program includes an invited speaker, platform presentations and posters.  It is an excellent opportunity for students (undergraduate and graduate) and post-docs to present their research in front of their peers.

The registration fee includes all meals and lodging.  Attendees stay in comfortable rooms furnished in the Adirondack style, and eat their meals in a spacious dining room overlooking the lake.  Meals are both delicious and plentiful.  The overall atmosphere of Minnowbrook lends itself to a casual meeting with plenty of opportunities for interaction in and out of the sessions.


 The focus of NEMPET is on general microbiology in all of its many forms. Topics covered in the meeting range from molecular studies of enzyme function to diversity of species in the natural environment. Recent invited speakers have included: Dianne Newman, Gary King, Kurt Hanselman, Derek Lovley, Milton Allison, David Emerson, Klaus Nusslein, Doug Eveleigh, JohnTudor, Karin Sauer, Joseph Yavit, and Lawrence Aaronson.

NEMPET is one of the few meetings where students are encouraged to present talks.


There is no official membership in the NEMPET organization. There are no dues, and anyone can attend the meetings. We strive to reach the widest possible audience within the field of microbiology.

For more information contact:

Dr. Craig Phelps:


Dr. Esther Angert:

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